Farewells are never easy

5FE8A15A-CFEB-4413-B3EE-E57F6A501E2DTo say that this year has been a very unusual one would be an understatement. Covid-19 has not only brought disruption and chaos but for many it has made us rethink our lives and our priorities; showed us things clearly that we would not have seen before; confirmed or changed the purpose that we saw in our lives; closed doors or opened new ones. For me it has shown that I need to continue to follow my passion and the calling for my life – even if it means shutting doors, leaving my comfort zone and having the courage to walk a new path.
After over three and a half incredible years, it is 43E17B67-609C-4B08-B9D9-BFE29EADD722time for me to say goodbye to Amazon. The decision has not been an easy one at all and it took me over six months to make it! But in the end my desire to lead a purposeful and meaningful life, my passion for leadership development and employee engagement won over my unwillingness to leave not only my comfort zone but also a job that I enjoyed with great leaders and lovely colleagues. That 075BFE1B-AE08-4435-AF93-B9433D8E3601it required a lot of courage and soul searching to take this step is the topic for another blog. Suffice to say had God not shown me multiple times through “amazing coincidences” big and small that this was the door He wanted me to go through, I wouldn’t have taken the step and especially not in the middle of a raging pandemic.27651A73-292D-4395-848A-4DBF58E0520C
My journey with Amazon has been a very interesting, colourful and rich one. I have met and worked with inspiring leaders and wonderful colleagues, worked on great projects and seen places I would never have been to had it not been for the work I did. I am very thankful for 
FF7B220C-428B-41F8-B22F-4FCBC6027C3Aall the support, guidance and encouragement I have received. I am blessed to call many of my colleagues friends who bring so much color, warmth and love to my life. I have not only learnt a lot professionally but have grown personally a lot and found even more clarity about what my calling and purpose is. It is this clarity that tells me it is time for the next step.

Today is my last working day at Amazon and it is difficult to say goodbye.  But I am also filled with immense gratitude for the beautiful 8F4192A4-DF70-4BDE-9C8F-A2F035ADFF2Ememories that I carry with me; the good wishes of colleagues and managers who want the best for me personally and professionally. It is a big step because it also means that Bernd, Jaden and I will be moving to Rotterdam in the Netherlands beginning of next year. When exactly that will be depends on the pandemic, lockdown restrictions, practicalities of finding a place to live etc. but we hope to move latest end of February. But before that I am looking forward to a few weeks of much needed vacation – time to relax, unwind and tank up on energy.
It has taken a lot of faith, trust in God and His plan for my life for me to take this step. I am very thankful for the friends who have been there for us in this long process of my reaching a decision – for their patience in listening to my doubts and fears; for their prayers, encouragement, support and love.  I am very blessed to have this loving and supportive family of friends around me. As one of them reminded me: ” I cannot fall deeper than into God’s Hands”.

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