Why a blog?

When something moves me, I get the urge to write about it. It has always been like that but for way too long, I never had the time for it.

As I grow older, I see that there are so many issues I feel strongly about, people who are amazing and no one seems to see how or why they are so special, beautiful places I visit and am moved by….. When I took a sabbatical four years ago, I started writing about some of them on Facebook. The response I received surprised me and many people asked me to write more. Over time I realised that my statuses on Facebook were sometimes very long and it was then that I started seriously considering the advice I was getting to start a blog.

So I decided to try it out 🙂 Why do I call it “The ramblings of a rose”? My name Rhoda is a Greek name (which also appears in the Bible) and it means a rose 🙂

A thank you to all who read my posts and encourage me to keep writing.

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