Who I am

I was born in India and moved to Germany when I was 22 years old. Since then I have lived in Germany, Sweden and China. I have traveled extensively for work and pleasure and am back to living in Munich since October 2012.
I do not fit any “boxes” that people put me into – based on my looks, the country of my birth or the place I live in. I call Stockholm my “home” because the years I spent living and working there were by far the richest in my life, in the experiences that I had there and the friendships that were formed. And every time I am back in the city, my heart feels its home again.
I love traveling, meeting new people, reading, writing, speaking for those who don’t have a voice and above all I love my little “puppy” Jaden. Jaden is a male golden retriever and he was born in October 2013. I always wanted a dog ever since I can remember and he is the one dream I did not give up on all those years.
My faith is what carries me and gives me a deep inner joy. A good friend once said “My life is a story of God’s faithfulness to me” and this sums up my life very well too.

Taken in October 2015