A different Sunday church service

With the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, our church leadership decided to close the church for the public and to not hold worship services in the church for initially two weeks. Like many other churches around the globe, our church had their first online service today. It was wonderful to be able to participate in it virtually since

Ready for the service to start

we live in Germany and our home church is in Stockholm. The wonderful part about the online service was that our dog Jaden could participate in his first church service 🙂
I am so thankful for the pastors, worship team, the youth and all those who were there personally and made it possible.
For me these trying times only strengthen my faith in God because He is always in control, even if the circumstances appear to be otherwise. It is my hope that this pandemic will bring out the best and not the worst in us; that love, generosity and kindness win.
We may not agree with what certain governments are doing; the decisions that people make (e.g. to travel or not; social distancing although they are healthy; go out to eat and

Jaden listening intently to the service

support local businessesetc.) but I hope we agree to disagree with love and compassion.
I also saw some posts this morning about places of worship like churches, temples, mosques and gurdwaras shutting down and “turning people away” while hospitals were opening the doors to sick people. I am full of admiration for doctors, caregivers, nurses and other medical personnel working round the clock to take care of those who have contracted the virus, but why do we have to compare their action to that of the religious buildings closing their doors? I wish that all of us think twice before we post such things and see that these religious buildings are closing down to protect the weakest amongst us – the old, sick and frail who seek these buildings for comfort and may get infected.
As our pastor reminded us this morning – the church is not a building, we the people of God are the church of God!
May we all be a light and beacon of love, compassion and hope in these very difficult times.

Jaden found the atmosphere of the service so soothing that he fell asleep halfway through 🙂

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